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In 2006 there were plans to try Cochanneling in practice. In theory it seems to be no problem, but would be different in real life? Everyone advised us to do not, but still .......


During a winter holiday is a house in the woods of Drenthe, the idea suddenly became concrete. On paper a few scratches, but in present there were very clear images coming up. In particular Ytje PD0YVH and Fred PD0DPS have give us a lot of inspiration to blow the project in the right direction. And after a while PA4DEN Dennis and Erik PA1HUE started the as a nice technical experiment. We admit that it's a bit bigger now than we had hoped.


Suddently it was January 16 and the first two repeaters were born. With alligator clips and stacked IC sockets, we have to admit, but whatever ..... At 22:00 hours we started the trip to location 2 and of course imideatly (at 23.30 hours) all had to be made ​​operational, because what could be better than to hear if it's really works. More information on the site "System".

We are not extreem vanity. On the contrary. But here you can see the pictures of the culprits.
(Happely there are currently no promised investigative rewards)

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Dennis, PA4DEN

Dennis, PA4DEN

Erik, PA1HUE

Erik, PA1HUE

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